“It’s never anyone’s fault when mindfulness doesn’t work for them. They were just not taught mindfulness in an accessible, inclusive way that considers any unique needs. Accessibility and neurodiversity are rarely discussed in the mindfulness world, but this discussion holds huge potential for both neurodiverse communities and mindfulness. As a mindfulness teacher, I want to ensure that all people can access mindfulness teachings in a way that works for them”
Sue Hutton

Recent Webinar – January 21st 2022

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This website and forum

This website and forum has been set up following Sue Hutton’s talk (Neurodiversity in Mindfulness) on May 7th 2021. Hosted by Dr Gemma Griffiths  – Senior Lecturer Bangor Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice.

A number of participants were keen to follow up on the ideas and issues raised. Step 1 was to provide a website and forum where we can engage in discussion, gauge the level of interest and to determine the next steps. 

Please go to the forum page and register to comment, make a suggestion or start sharing what you know.


You can access a recording of Sue’s talk and the slides she used once you have joined the forum. You can find them in the “Resources” Section.

Brilliant range of resources, thanks so much!

CG Counsellor & Psychotherapist