Neurodiversity in Mindfulness (NiM)

We are, currently, an informal partnership of professional mindfulness trainers, clinicians, therapist, mentors and mindfulness practitioners from around the world who are working to make mindfulness relevant and accessible to autistic people. Our facilitating activities include: webinars and workshops, resource links and a open forum for the “like minded”

Sue Hutton

Sue Hutton, MSW, RSW has been practicing formal Mindfulness meditation since 1985, and believes mindfulness should be accessible for all. Sue has studied Mindfulness with teachers in India, Canada, the US, the UK and completed her professional practice session with Jon Kabat-Zinn in 2007. Sue has a background as a social worker in human rights advocacy with a focus on accessibility, and brings that perspective to her mindfulness work. Sue loves finding creative ways of adapting mindfulness for each person’s uniqueness. In a research context Sue creates modified mindfulness practices with, and for autistic adults and their caregivers in Toronto, Canada with the CAMH Azrieli Neurodevelopmental Centre mindfulness research team. Sue is passionate about human rights advocacy, and finds blending accessibility and mindfulness pure joy.

Sue’s Website

Bob Chase

Bob has been a meditation practitioner for over 30 years. He set up Mindful in the City in 2014 and began teaching MBSR to people working in the NHS and in national charities.  A long term advocate of accessibility Bob worked for the National Autistic Society, for seven years as their head of Digital Services.  Whilst at the NAS he set up their Online Community for Autistic people and their families. Bob has worked with many autistic colleagues and has mentored autistic adults. He is currently developing an autism informed mindfulness offering with AS Mentoring for their clients.

Bob’s website